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8th – 31st Oct 2008

Submission call close on 31st May 2008.

About Singapore International Photography Festival
Scheduled to take place from 8 to 31 October 2008, the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is the first event of its kind in Southeast Asia. This biennial festival strives to provide a platform for Southeast Asian artists to showcase their works alongside their international peers in various venues such as National Museum of Singapore, LASALLE, 2902 Photo Gallery and more.

3 central components of the SIPF are the official exhibitions, workshops and portfolio review. The festival kick starts with exhibition openings and 2 days of portfolio review sessions for up to 50 Southeast Asian photographers, followed by a series of workshops facilitated by curators and senior photographers for up to 45 Southeast Asian photographers. Selection for workshops/portfolio reviews is based on project submissions.(Download submission forms here)

Open to public are a series of evening presentation by invited curators, artists and festival directors. Over the weekends are series of public lectures and forum to share thoughts, ideas, issues and current trends in photography.

Along with the official exhibitions and programme, is SIPF Fringe which counts on the participation of arts galleries, arts spaces and education institutions to promote photography across Singapore. Individual and organisation that are planning to have photography related activities in October are welcomed to ride on the extensive festival publicity

For more information, please email your enquiries to info[at]
Please visit festival website for more information.
Festival office: Old School, 11b Mount Sophia, #B2-09, Singapore 228466

Open Call Submission
The Festival is looking for:
a) EXHIBITION SUBMISSIONS by photographers and artists (henceforth referred to collectively as “artists”). This section is open to all artists with no age criteria.

b) WORKSHOP/PORTFOLIO REVIEW SUBMISSIONS (8-15October 2008) in Singapore.
Workshops are open to 45 selected participants holding Southeast Asian passports with priority given to those under the age of 35.
Portfolio Review is open to 50 Southeast Asian passport holders with no age limit.

Applicants for either (a) or (b) must send in a Project Submission
An artist can only submit a maximum of two projects for the festival.
If you are eligible for (b), your proposal will automatically be considered for the exhibition.

About Exhibition Submission
There is no theme to the festival. Photography must be used in the process of creating the work. All genres of photography are accepted. The Exhibition Proposal is open to all nationality with no age criteria.

The SIPF is especially keen to showcase independent, long-term or ongoing projects. The festival is not interested in single images. It will also be difficult, though not impossible, to showcase works completed more than five years ago.

Submitted works may be presented in prints, self-made books, video, or any other format as suggested by the artist. Due to budgetary concerns, the SIPF prefers print-based works that could be digitally printed and is unable to showcase original/handmade prints. Epson (Singapore) Pte Ltd is the official print partner with SIPF 2008.

About Workshops/Portfolio Review
Applicants interested in the workshops and/or portfolio reviews are required to submit a proposal. The 3 days workshops are open to 45 participants (priority to those under 35 years old) holding Southeast Asian passports. Southeast Asian countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and East Timor.


(Download submission forms here)
Each Project Submission must include:
1) Project Submission Forms

2) Jpeg images (in a zipped folder, if possible)
a) do not send more than twelve (12) images for each project submission.
b) each image in 72 dpi, compression 7-8, and with its shorter side at 10cm.

3) All submissions to have name/country on email subject line
Example: Workshop submission: Ali Baba/Singapore

4) Respective submissions must be made electronically to :
• exhibition[at] (Exhibition)
• workshop[at] (Workshop/Portfolio Review)

Pls Note:
Send one project in one email. All documents should be in Microsoft Word format.
Do not resend your resume and bio if you are submitting two projects.
Do not send prints or CDs/DVDs to the festival.
All submissions will be archived by the festival for future reference.

Submission call close on 31st May 2008.

Results will be announced on the SIPF website on July 2008. Only the selected artists will be notified by email.
For more information, please send enquiries to info[at]

Portfolio review and workshops Fees:
As this is a non profit event run by volunteers, each participant selected for the portfolio review or workshops will be required to pay a subsidised fee to help cover part of the cost of workshops and portfolio reviews.
2-day Portfolio review Fees $100
3-day Workshop Fees $100

Festival Grant Assistance:
Each artist from the rest of the Southeast Asian countries selected for the portfolio review/workshops is qualified to apply for a grant to partially fund her or his trip to the festival. The grant will help to cover the costs of the workshops, materials and part of their travel expenses on a reimbursement basis.

Legal issues
All artists retain the creator’s right to the submitted works. If a project is selected, the artist is obliged to temporarily transfer her or his right of the images to the SIPF, so that (1) the images can be produced for the exhibition, (2) used in the festival’s publicity drive and (3) shown in subsequent tours. The artist will be credited each and every time her or his work is used.

The festival programme and conditions are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please refer to the official website for the latest update, or email info[at] for latest information or changes.

Submission call close on 31st May 2008.

Symposium Announcement
Modern & Contemporary Vietnamese Art

Symposium Announcement

Modern & Contemporary Vietnamese Art

Fri – Sun, 16 to 18 May 2008
10:00am to 5:00pm
Singapore Art Museum, Auditorium
Conference fees is at SGD100* per person for the full 3 days, Students get 50% off

Singapore Art Museum, in conjunction with the National Heritage Board Vietnam Festival, is organising a three-day symposium to explore the artistic developments that have taken place in Vietnam. Speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore will be presenting on the rise of modern art from the French Colonial period to the experimental art movement in present-day Vietnam.

To register, call 6332 3220 or email <>. For more details on the speakers and symposium programme, please log on to the Singapore Art Museum website.

Click on the link below to download a Word document with the symposium schedule.


Founded in 2003 by Swiss artist, Anthony Bannwart/Hontoban, and Swedish fim-maker, Magnus Aronson, Tempography is a minimalist, video-based, conceptual art project. ‘Time’ and ‘movement’ as its primary elements Tempography explores what is between photography and cinema/film in order to comprehend movements from our ever-changing world. Tempography can be described as brief visual impacts from everyday surroundings, creating an atmosphere, an image of thoughts, rather than telling a story. Since 2005 Tempography has received submissions from active/potential video artists and has developed into a communitiy-oriented project.

Tempography Guidelines
We examined our idea in order to understand it, and realized that there was a structure to what we were doing. The following guidelines are not to be seen as a dogmatic approach, but are there to make people understand better what constitutes the process of this art.
• Tempography lies somewhere between cinema and photography. The pieces are called tempographs, and can be described as brief visual impacts, impressions, visions.
• As the name suggests, the time element is crucial for a tempograph; the art form was born from the idea of extending the photograph. – to capture what a non-durative still image cannot capture. The more isolated the movement, the more tempographic the piece.
• The key to understanding Tempography is: Without the movement or change in composition, there would be no need for the duration. It is minimalist video art – constrained, observational.
• A tempograph is a single moving image shot.
• There must be no cuts, fades, etc.
• The colour balance/intensity and the brightness/contrast may be adjusted, although not to the extent that the shot looks processed.
• Apart from the above, no effects may be used. This of course includes graphic superimpositions and animations.
• The camera must be as steady as possible.
• A tempograph must no be longer than 30 seconds.
• The tempo must be real-time.
• The narrative must be minimal and ‘extra-filmic’.
• A tempograph identifies a certain way of documenting an individual perspective, a unique metaphor, a point of-view. It could be seen as an evocative shot from a film and mirrors the narrative of an individual: the author. The tempographic idea brings with it personal ways of looking at, and even re-discovering, the visual world.

Curated by Kyung Roh Bannwart
Hosted by Gallery Factory

Gallery Factory
Seoul, Korea

20 international artists present more than 90 tempographs
From 4th April to 27th April 2008

Download the Tempography Press Release as a pdf.

Read an article about the Seoul exhibition in the Korea Times.

LIA – Leipzig International Art Program

Anna-Louise Kratzsch has created LIA – Leipzig International Art Program, a residency program “designed to foster international artists by providing studio space and exhibition opportunities at the Spinnerei Leipzig, known for having the largest artist population in Germany”.

She will present her program at Dong Son Foundation, 3rd floor, 10D Building, Ly Nam De St, Hanoi, on Thursday, 18 Apr at 7 pm.

More info about the residency at the LIA website.

A Matter of Attitude: Print Design Contest!
Deadline 25 May 2008

Are you a designer or just interested in design?
Have a passion for Conservation and saving Vietnam’s remaining Wildlife?

WWF Greater Mekong and TRAFFIC are looking for creative and innovative print public service announcements (PSAs) that tackle the idea of:

Changing Attitudes in Order to Stop the Illegal and Unsustainable Consumption of Wildlife in Vietnam.

The PSAs can be about illegal wildlife trade in general, or species-specific topics, preferably relating to one or all of the following: Tigers, Bears, King cobras, Marine turtles, Pangolins and Rhinos.

The top six finalists will have the opportunity to work with designers from the world-renowned Saatchi & Saatchi, an advertising company, to finalize their print PSAs. These will be showcased in numerous publications for one year. The top six will also receive a digital camera generously donated by Canon.

Deadline 25 May 2008
Official Rules, Guidelines, and How to Submit:

in English and in Vietnamese

Beat Presser’s workshop/cultural exchange project “My Oasis of Silence”, presented by Art Vietnam in conjunction with the Beat Presser’’s “”Oasis of Silence”” exhibition to open at Art Vietnam Gallery on March 28, 2008.
Beat Presser will also be giving an artist’s lecture and multimedia presentation at the Hanoi Cinematheque on Thursday March 27, 2008.17b_s_427_0_037_illu.jpgBeat Presser has traveled for decades throughout Southeast Asia documenting both Theravada Buddhism and its followers. His personal journey lead to his “Oasis of Silence” exhibition; an exhibition whose intimate holiness is a medium through which the viewer may also celebrate their own sense of quietude and peace. In these photographs one sees Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Thailand; but one must rightly ask … where is Vietnam?Vietnam, a country that for centuries has fought for the self-governance of its own land, is largely a Buddhist country. However, this grounding force, this philosophical root is slowly being eroded by economic advancement and an all-too-familiar modern love affair with apathy.

Not only does bringing Beat Presser’s exhibition to Hanoi allow him the opportunity to document Buddhism in Vietnam, he will also conduct a two-week-long, subsidized photographic workshop with a group of highly acclaimed local photographers. During this rich cross-cultural experience Beat Presser will encourage the workshop participants to risk seeing both “the image” and their country not as a given but as a territory readily available for photographic exploration. Photography in Vietnam has not had the opportunity to develop as quickly as other forms of art for many reasons: its absence from the curriculum offered at the Fine Arts University, the high cost of materials, as well as the difficulty in maintaining the artworks in Vietnam’s tropical climate. Having greatly admired the two well known Vietnamese photographers Le Vuong and Le Cuong, I saw this project as a wonderful opportunity to further expose Vietnamese photographers to a high level of training while fostering the photographic community of Vietnam.

Photographers interested in participating in this workshop are encouraged to contact Art Vietnam. For contact info please see the ‘Addresses‘ page of Hanoi Grapevine.

Lijiang Studio presentations in Hanoi – 21, 22 Marimage004_1.jpg

Lijiang Studio

This info just arrived:

Hello friends,

As part of our continued interest in connecting Yunnan with its regional neighbors, there will be two Lijiang Studio presentations in Hanoi this week:

Friday 5pm at Nha San Studio
Saturday 4:30pm at Goethe Institut

Two new broadsheets inculding such topics as ‘digesting cholera and chemical weapons’ plus our ‘2008 New Countryside Laboratory call for participation’ are on

-Lijiang Studio

Lijiang Studio and the New Countryside Laboratory

Lịjiang Studio is an artist-in-residence program located in a farming village in the mountains near Lijiang, Yunnan province. Lijiang Studio runs the residency program because a residency is a time of risk, vulnerability, and possibility, where the work to be created does not have market value, does not have official meaning, and the whole endeavor to make art can be questioned at the point of inception: an approach with fits well with Yunnan?s geographic, political, and cultural liminality. As a traveler might find Yunnan not to fit with their expectations of China , an artist or curator might find Lijiang Studio does not fit their expectations of art in China.

Working at Lijiang Studio, halfway between the high, remote mountain villages with very little contact to the outside, and the tourist hive of Lijiang’s old town artists can experience both the reciprocity and generosity of the farmers and the gradual disconnection of people from land. This forces even the best-prepared artist to seriously confront their life and practice.

This talk by Jay Brown, Director of Lijiang Studio, will present an overview of Lijiang Studio and introduce its current process-based mode of production, the New Countryside Laboratory.

Dong Son Today Foundation


Founded by Dr. Frederick Harris in 2005, since then Dong Son Today Foundation has not only become a friendly name to the art community in Hanoi but also in all over Vietnam. In coming 2008, with more plans and programs, we hope to expand our activities in deeper aspects both artistic and social.

Annual Grants every year DSTF has been receiving many applications all over the north of Vietnam. Last year, DSTF has given out an amount of _ to support many art events.

Artist’s talk With the bloom in Hanoi art scene over the last few years never have the need for communicating, sharing and exchanging ideas between artists and artists, artists and the public grown so strongly. Artist’s talk which is taken place once or twice a month would be absolutely just right for artists or anyone concerned.

English class those classes offered freely to the artists aim to help artists to develop necessary skills in the age of integration.

Yearly Awards for Young Artists aiming to stimulate the creativity activities in an unique art community like Hanoi starting this year, special awards would be honorably given to artists who have the most contribution to the art and community in that year. The artistic board would be altered every year and these awards would be varied from different fields of visual arts.

Reading room a small space in our office has been dedicated to artists, art lovers… where you can easily access to art books, magazines and art information. At the moment we are still on the process of building up the library with the hope to expand our library, for any donation to the library please contact us.

Media Arts in 2007 the first Media class has been opened at Hanoi University of Fine Arts. In this experimental project (2007-2010) DSTF collaborates with the academy staff of the university to help art students have chances to practice art in various kinds of media.

For further information on any of the programs, support the program or volunteer opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact us or check our website.

Dong Son Today Foundation – Hanoi Office
Add: 3rd floor, 10D Building, Ly Nam De St, Hanoi.
Tel: (+844) 7343853
Fax: (+844) 7343853

Nguyen Mai Huong: 0978999389
Tuong Linh: 0904012260

Major commissioning opportunities for all East Asian Artists

Deadline for entries 3 March 2008

As part of the Five Circles festival, London-based arts organisation Chinatown Arts Space, and Chinatown’s principle landowner, Shaftesbury PLC, are working in creative partnership to commission two major new pieces of exciting public art for London’s Chinatown.These are two significant opportunities for East Asian* artists to win a prestigious commission and see their work showcased in the heart of a major capital city. Artists are encouraged to create ideas for contemporary works that address both the heritage and history of London’s Chinatown, and that celebrate the current diversity and dynamism of the area.

1. Mural Commission
Horse & Dolphin Yard / Value: £6k
East Asian* artists born or resident in the UK

2. Sculpture Commission
Wardour Street / Value £20k
East Asian* artists worldwide (including the UK)

Full entry details can be downloaded from

*East Asia includes: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and their Diasporas.

I learned of this via Visiting Arts Newsletter. Check it out.

imagine art after – call for artists



imagine art after is a multi-stage project for internet, gallery & broadcast curated by Breda Beban that brings together visual artists and filmmakers who made a home in London with those who stayed in their country of origin.

For its second edition, imagine art after is looking for visual artists and filmmakers from the following places, who either still live there, or now live in London:

Afghanistan | Albania | Algeria | Angola | Bangladesh | Cameroon | China | Colombia | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Former USSR | Gambia | Ghana | India | Iran | Iraq | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Kenya | Libya | Nigeria | Pakistan | Palestinian Authority | Romania | Serbia | Sierra Leone | Somalia | Sri Lanka | Sudan | Syria | Turkey | Uganda | Vietnam | Zimbabwe

For more information and an application pack, go to, or email



In 2006, KadmusArts created a website, which has become a popular search engine and open community space for every kind of performing arts festival throughout the world.

In addition to linking audiences and the arts online, KadmusArts maintains an extensive database of information on artists, performances, and arts organisations from around the world. It also provides specialised technology services to the field, and develops content packages for other media companies.

KadmusArts provides a platform for multi-faceted content as well as features on festivals and artists. Everyone in the community — festivals, artists, audiences, and cultural travellers — contributes to the site by sharing information, making connections, and exchanging ideas.

I learned of this via Visiting Arts Newsletter. Check it out.

Digital Artists Handbook

itheme_logo.jpgfolly have announced the completion of the first edition of the Digital Artists Handbook.

The Digital Artists Handbook is a new, up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces artists to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital arts. The touchstone of this new compendium is free open source software (FLOSS) and technologies. The Handbook has been edited by Marloes de Valk and Aymeric Mansoux of GOTO10, a collective of international artists and programmers.

“folly are very excited to announce our Digital Artists Handbook, which we hope will be an indispensable resource for artists seeking an introduction to the world of free and open source technologies. folly strongly believe that FLOSS is an empowering, cost-effective and democratic way to introduce digital art technologies to artists”
Creative Director Kathryn Lambert

Building on the collaborative and accumulative nature of the web, the Digital Artists Handbook will always be a work-in-progress, with new articles being commissioned on an ongoing basis, and new fields explored.

The goal of the Handbook is to be a signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible.

The Handbook will be slowly filled with articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their tools and ways of working.


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