Anyone interested in the contemporary arts scene in Hanoi knows that information about what’s happening can be hard to come by.
So, whenever I hear about interesting upcoming events, I will post the info here. This is not a comprehensive listing, just me passing on what I hear ‘on the grapevine’.

If you know about something you think should be posted here, please let me know.
You can use the form below, or write me at:

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9 Responses to About

  1. Christine Ottenwelter says:

    The 5 et 6th of december the VNOB is doing again at the opera house Cosi fan Tutte. Last year the production was swedish and vietnamese, this year ,the vietnamese do it alone but the setting is the same and it was quite good and original.
    Your blog is the salvation for people creaving for arts. Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Thanks for the info – and the compliment!
    I am trying – so far unsuccessfully – to find more info about this event.

  3. Kao Giang says:

    I’ve been tracking the events in Hanoi through your blog recently, thanks so much for this great grapevine.
    I was trying to add an RSS feed of this site onto my 360 yahoo blog so that everyone who visits my blog would be updated to your news. However I have not been quite successful. If possible please show me how to do this. The 360 page requires an rss link, but I cannot find it anywhere. If it’s not the way that works, would you mind if I copy the entry here to my blog? Of course with your link attached.
    Once again thanks for your work

  4. hi. thanks!
    try using the link on the right “Subscribe to RSS Feed”.
    if you click there it takes you to the Feedburner page. they offer several options including one to embed the feed in your site.
    let me know how it works, ok?

  5. Kao Giang says:

    Actually I gave up and used Google reader in stead. Thanks anyway

  6. Hi there
    I have just sent the blog to the Friends of Vietnam Heritage council below a couple of the many responses:
    Great site!
    Needed badly.
    Have signed up for the reminder.
    Many thanks for this, Sandy. It fills an important gap.
    Great Job

  7. Britta says:


    I just stumbled onto your website thru a friend. I was looking for people that like to take pictures around the city and outside the city. Anyone interested in mmeting once a week or a month to go around the city with me?

    Thank you!

  8. i googled on articles about SànArt and found your blog. fruitful with artistic events in Hanoi. i doubt there’s one in Saigon

  9. hey man, i’ve linked to your site now, from http://julianwainwright.wordpress.com/


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