Studio Tho – Nguyen Duy Linh

Studio Tho
11 May – 13 June

Opening – Sun, 11 May, 6 pm

Nguyen Duy Linh

Island & Water – the non-objective world of Nguyen Duy Linh

… is his first solo exhibition in Hanoi. We are honored to introduce his collection of abstract paintings created since 2000.

Life is like a whirlpool. Human values are changing day by day. People rush to cities in order to make a living. But besides this, there still is an area of tranquility in life. Nguyen Duy Linh is a painter who is in touch with it and it shows in his paintings.

Living a quiet and bucolic life in the countryside ouside of Hue city, Nguyen Duy Linh creates his art in a serene setting. The emotions, the landscapes, the memories and the hidden beauty in his paintings remind people of another lifestyle with values far different from the gross and scrambling lives in cities. For him, ‘painting is to release his daily emotions in life’. But for others, looking at his paintings, it might become one of their rare and quiet moments that remind them of peace and beauty so necessary to make life livable.

Studio Tho
78 Ma May (Handspan Building)
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: 2409877
Open daily 9am – 7pm
and by appointment
closed Sunday


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