Art Vietnam Gallery – Ha Tri Hieu

Art Vietnam Gallery
09-31 May 2008

Opening – Fri, 09 May, 6 pm

Ha Tri Hieu

My Way

… an extraordinary exhibition that marks the evolution of one of Vietnam’s finest contemporary artists, Ha Tri Hieu, one of the Gang of Five, and a true harbinger of contemporary art in Vietnam..

“My Way”, Hieu’s first solo exhibition in over ten years, is a revolutionary collection of paintings that span from the bucolic to the sensual. In it one finds Hieu’s signature pieces: his cows and the country singers that have so delightfully occupied his canvases for many years. Alongside these paintings, which touch upon the eternal innocence of humankind, one also finds Hieu’s latest works – his study of the “flowers of the night.” “Flowers of the night” is a metaphor for the “working girls” … the bar girls… the girls who have willingly or unwillingly journeyed to the darker side of night. One might think that this stark subject matter would diminish the sweet reverie that binds Hieu to his nature however, the opposite is true. Somehow Hieu’s depiction of young girls becoming lost by way of fortune and the lure of bright city lights further accentuates the sweetness and simple humanity of his paintings. No longer does the isolated and romantic country-side dominate. In its place something akin to modern reality appears, albeit not too harshly. Playful and successively more revealing images of femininity and beauty emerge lending an unquestionable intensity to Hieu’s oeuvre.

Hieu’s world – created through bold, uncompromising brushstrokes – is a place where both the possibility for joy as well as a subtle longing for a world less cluttered by material desire seamlessly beget one another. Over the years, his insistently strong and steadfast expression has pushed him to include subject matter which is less readily labeled as innocent. And yet he continually approaches these new subjects from an enchanting and magnanimous perspective – the perspective of a man in search of an honest encounter with beauty’s confounding intricacies.

Art Vietnam Gallery
7 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Hanoi
10 am – 6 pm, closed Sundays
Tel: 84 4 927 2349
Fax: 84 4 927 2804

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