18 Apr-04 May – Module 7 – “Rolling” Documentary Photos

Module 7 Gallery
9 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Opening – Fri, 18 Apr, 6.30 pm

Sheppard Ferguson


Module 7 Gallery Announces the Documentary Photo Exhibit “Rolling”

In contemporary Vietnam, it is all there on the motorbikes. People in Hanoi say they “no longer see the bikes.” But, in Sheppard Ferguson’s photo exhibit, “Rolling,” he sees them. Documentary photography, according to Ferguson, “makes visible that which is so familiar that people no longer see it.” And the bikes are visible: graphic, richly colored and humorously human.

Motorbikes could be called the natural habitat of the Vietnamese: everyone depends on them. So what does this photographer capture from this habitat? Pock marked old guys who probably spent their youths in combat; hilarious old gals; fathers and their kids (a change in tradition?); craftspeople carrying product to market; sweet couples courting; the sheer enthusiasm of people with aspirations. Vietnamese style and playfulness: masks that create mystery as much as they protect; colors that add exuberance; fetishistic metallic, high heels against machines; fashion pleasure; Louis Vuitton meets Honda; Yamaha’s background to D&G.

Click to enlarge

Sheppard Ferguson:

I will be at the gallery the three Saturdays the show is up from 4 p.m. to closing with a bottle of wine or whatever in hand.

Module 7 is an interior design firm providing services from design to project realization. The company also promotes emerging contemporary designs and artists through regular exhibits at the Module 7 Gallery.

Opening – Fri, 18 Apr, 6.30 pm

Module 7 Gallery
9 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Tel: 84 4 719 1338


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