12 Apr – CAMA party

from the CAMA email:

You got a wee teaser last Saturday in the CAMA tent… this Saturday you get the full serving of deep cheese splendour.

Old Man’s Beard Must Go (a.k.a. four twats and a mixer) coming in your ears, straight outta East London.
OMBMG – DJ Ken Frowning, Dub Ella, Bezzercise & Albot – have been knocking up the party scene in London for the last three years. Funk follows soul & reggae, giving way to disco, electro and some deep and filthy hoose.

Bring your party essentials as the bearded ones meet the awesome power of Byron Bay’s favourite funk-fueled scratchologist – Flow Poetry.

This party is what CAMA was created for. So you know.
When: Saturday 12 April 08
Where: ground floor bar, M Hotel (previously the Guoman Hotel), 83a Ly Thuong Kiet
Cost: 150k (incl. 1 drink)

Numbers and time will be limited so you know what to do. Bike parking behind the hotel and entrance via the side door not the main doors. As always: please be uber respectful coming and going from the venue. We gratefully rely on everyone’s help to make these events happen.



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