11-22 Apr – Maison des Arts – paintings

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi

Opening – Fri, 11 Apr, 6 pm

Vu Thanh Nghi

“Back to”

The artworks exhibition “Back to” by the artist Vu Thanh Nghi, sponsored and organized by Mme Nguyen Nga, includes 10 recently painted artworks dealing with the question “Falling into trance”. If “Falling into trance” is an usual and traditionnal concept for Vietnamese people, it’s very new in fine-arts.

Vu Thanh Nghi was born and grown up in the Tonkin, Vietnam Northern Delta, where traditional culture is omnipresent, alive, especially trances which haunted and controled the astist’s mind by the spirits’ colors, musics and dances. Nghi feels the meaning of every characters’ soul and uses painting to express his own perception, his own trance.
As in the futurism and cubism mouvements, Vu Thanh Nghi shows an entire action, from the beginning to the end, a whole trance. The lay-out of his pictures is always choosen carefully. Characters are made by a lot of small pieces creating an interity which makes sense, each one has is own color, cool or warm, is own specificity.
This artwork suggests many feelings, proposes many approaches, tradition and modernity especially by the sensation of metal, inox and plastic emanated by the paintings.
Discover the exhibition “Back to” and find the strangness and the magic in the daily life…

Opening – Fri, 11 Apr, 6 pm


Reminder: this exhibition runs concurrently in the gallery with the photography exhibition by Ngoc Thai

Passion for woman – Feminine way everyday

part of Italian Cultural Season 2008 “Passion for woman” which is meant not only to show Italian lifestyles but also to be an occasion for Italian and Vietnamese culture to meet in a spirit of mutual understanding and contact. With this aim, the Embassy of Italy is exhibiting the work of various Vietnamese artists. “Passion for woman” offers a wide range of events and pays tribute to the rich and complex world of women.

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi
Tel: 747 8096

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