28 Mar – Viet Art Centre – international electronic music festival

Viet Art Centre
42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi

Fri, 28 Mar
Workshop from 4 pm

Performances from 8 pm


Hanoi sound stuff

Hanoi international electronic music festival

Hanoi sound stuff is the first international electronic music festival ever held in Hanoi.

There will be many artists coming from different countries and Việt Nam: Trí Minh, Vũ Nhật Tân, Nguyễn Văn Cường, Nguyễn Mạnh Thắng ,Trần Huy Hà, Dj Eks, Dj Kruise and I.A.C-Independent Artist Club and some from abroad or Vietnam resident such as: chris wolter – Germany, OZE – Germany, Brian Ring – Canada, Cheewai – Singapore, Dickson Dee – Hongkong, Liang Guo Jian – China.

With the purpose of creating a new playground for Vietnamese electronic artists and music lovers, Hanoi sound stuff will bring about the true colors of music and the future sounds of Vietnam.

Workshop begins at 4.00pm with the artists’ music introduction, showcase of electronic music. Audiences will have chance to know more about different types/trends of electronics and they can get a glimse of future sounds of Vietnam. The performance starts at 8.00p.m and ends at 11.00 pm.

The event was organized by: M.A.M, IAC-Independent Artist Club with support from V.A.C, Goethe Hà nội, Noise-Asia, Dragon Scene, Iluma

Tickets at: Goethe Hanoi-56-58 nguyễn thái học, L’espace-24 tràng tiền, British Council-40 Cát Linh, Việt Art Center-42 Yết kiêu.

Click on the image below for a larger version.

Viet Art Centre is located directly adjacent to the Hanoi University of Fine Arts.

Viet Art Centre
42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi
T : 04 942 9085
F : 04 942 9084


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