23 Mar – British Council – Video and Sound installation

British Council
40 Cat Linh,

talk and discussion Sun, 23 Mar, 5 pm.
video and sound installation Sun, 23 Mar, 8 pm.


Brian Ring and Vu Nhat Tan

fire & ice

Fire and Ice is a Video and Sound installation by Canadian video artist Brian Ring and Vietnamese composer Vu Nhat Tan. This artistic collaboration focuses on the consequences of global warming in the world today and hopes to raise awareness for an issue that threatens to have serious consequences for the earth and all life on it.

Fire and Ice is the second part of an event entitled “Hope and Fear“. It is the first in a series of events which will focus on the issue of climate change and global warming and its effects particularly on the climate in Asia and especially Vietnam.

Hope and Fear comprises two events, the first of which is a discussion and debate in our popular Cafe Scientifique format where a small panel of prominent speakers is invited to give their views on the subject of Climate Change. The subject will then be thrown open to the audience.

The topic for discussion at this event is

Vietnam is not a major emitter of Greenhouse Gases so it does not need to worry about Climate Change.

The speakers at this event which is organised in collaboration with the magazine Tia Sang, are Prof Pham Duy Hien, Dr Dang Kim Son, and writer Nguyen Ngoc. The discussion will be led by well-known TV science presenter and scientist Nguyen Quang.

The talk and discussion begins at 5 pm on Sunday, 23 March 2008.
The Video and Sound installation begins at 8 pm on Sunday, 23 March 2008 at the British Council, 40 Cat Linh, Hanoi.

Invitations can be collected from the British Council from 17 March 2008.

British Council
40 Cat Linh, Hanoi
T +84 (0)4 843 6780
F +84 (0)4 843 4962


2 Responses to 23 Mar – British Council – Video and Sound installation

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  2. […] FIRE & ICE a collaboration between Vu Nhat Tan, a contemporary (”noise”) music composer and expat video artistBrian Ring.  A one-off outdoor video and live music performance at the old British Council headquarters in Cat Linh. By far the best piece of art in Hanoi last year and if I included the stuff by any of the foreign artists it would still edge out all of them. Number 1 in the All Comers Top Ten. […]

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