14 Mar-02 Apr – Maison des Arts – Luc Quoc Nhuong

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi

Opening – Fri, 14 Mar, 6 pm


Luc Quoc Nhuong


30 oil canvases on display in the space of the first floor, all recently painted by the artist

Excerpts from the press release:

…If in his initial period, he was still somewhat inclined to realism, his later works have gradually turned to abstraction… To him, painting is his “karma”, releasing his inner world through which he wishes to convey his troubles and afflictions over human fate and life.

“I like to paint in black, because it is the only colour that may redeem peace for my mind”. And it may be said that the artist has gone so well with the black, probably mastering it … in my view, his black-white paintings are most impressive…

…It is quite hard for him to name a work, even harder than painting it, as his works are more evoking than depicting…

…Contemplating his paintings, the viewer seems to engage in a dialogue with the author and his works and the challenges of real life as well… Sometimes his works may give an answer to the viewer’s queries, and by contrast, the viewer may suddenly feel embarrassed at the questions seemingly posed by the works themselves, probably with no ready answers at all. It is hoped that Artist Luc Quoc Nhuong will go farther, to further improve and enhance his original style that he has chosen.

Opening – Fri, 14 Mar, 6 pm

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi
Tel: 747 8096

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