06-11 Mar – VAC, Photo Exhibition

Viet Art Centre
42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi

Opening – Thurs, 06 Mar, 5:45 pm


Dang Hao

Hint of Light

The first solo exhibition by this award-winning Hanoi photographer.

Artist’s Statement:

“That day, I stood by the river, and took picture of the bridge that I had taken for many times. I wondered how I can record every changing moment of the bridge. Is that true I was stable standing taking photos of the still bridge?

And then I found that if I didn’t record a still moment, I moved with and recorded everything in the permanent movement, the bridge would not be the bridge anymore. There is only the unexpected beautiful movement of the colour and light. And now I find the new perspective about life in my photos.

With an abstract language, my work is a kind of visual art that is defined as the arrangement of colors and light in a manner that affects the sense of beauty.”

Sponsored by the Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Fund.

Viet Art Centre is located directly adjacent to the Hanoi University of Fine Arts.

Viet Art Centre
42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi
T : 04 942 9085
F : 04 942 9084


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