Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi

Opening – Fri, 22 Feb, 6 pm


10 Artists


From the press release:

Works with varied styles and themes, on a variety of materials, silk and oil, wood-carving and zinc printing, as well as Nho Mai (grinding chinese ink). It should be especially mentioned that Nho Mai represents an original technique that is made public for the first time via the large number of artworks.

More than 50 works are to be displayed on the first and second floors of the Maison des Arts. The Nho Mai technique has been consciously inherited and developed by a team of young artists, from their master – late Artist Painter Tuan Vinh, who was the first to invent it.
The Nho Mai works constitute a flexible combination of the sharp profile of the graphic art and the blurred effects of the silk painting, to provide a particular beauty of its own. As a result, it achieves both the rough feel of the earth and stone, the soft of the stuff, the spongy foam of the wood or the immense blur of the water, smokes and clouds. The technique lies in grinding traditional chinese ink, painting it on the modern photographic paper, lightly scratching it with a sharp knife to get necessary bright or dark shades as desired or blurring it with the palm of the hand .
Typical of this category are the works by artists Nguyen Dinh Vu, Nguyen The Hung and Hoang Anh Chien. Next to them are the traditional wood-carvings by Tran Cong Dung, plaster engravings by Mai Anh Chau, zinc prints by Vu Bich Hanh… thus giving the exhibition a rich and vivid tone. In addition, on display are also oil canvases with a strong character by Mai Huy Dung, Do Thai Son, Nguyen Tat Long and Vu Huyen Thuong.

Arts represents the acmes of personality and spirit. Maison des Arts is a destination for the public to welcome the Spring and enjoy arts, engaging in interactions with the artists of present-day Vietnam. The Exhibition “A Ballad with Varied Sonorities” is scheduled to last 6 March 2008 (or 29. 01. of the lunar year of Mau Ty).

partly sponsored by the Swedish Fund for Vietnamese Cultural Development

Its a bit confusing – this exhibition seems to overlap with this one, both billed as filling all floors of the gallery…

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi
Tel: 747 8096

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