19-23 Jan – Mirror? if the river could speak

Thái Thịnh Primary School
(No. 4, Ngõ Thái Thịnh 2,)


Opening time: 9.00 – 17.00


Mirror? if the river could speak

1 river
19 young photographers
1 question

A community exhibition of photos, words and conversation about the environmental issues surrounding Hanoi’s Tô Lịch River

From the press release:

Come and see the photographs and read the stories from 19 members of the Thanh Nien Ward Youth Union group who are working on a community photography project about the To Lich river that runs through their neighbourhood. Using low cost cameras and with little or no photography training the young people are exploring the river, its surrounding community and their own feelings and aspirations about making a difference to their environment and helping their community do the same. This exhibition is not an end point, but the beginning for a group of young people ready to engage with their community and become the voice of the river.

The best time to meet the young photographers in this exhibition is at the weekend. In the week, the exhibition is open during school hours so if anyone wanted to visit then, perhaps they could call or e-mail Action For the City beforehand so we can facilitate it for them.

Action for the City
No.1 – Pham Ngu Lao St.
HaNoi – VietNam
(84-4) 270.0184


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