“Art – Women – Hanoi” extended to 15 Jan

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi

Opening – Thurs, 20 Dec, 5.30 pm


“Art – Women – Hanoi”

group exhibition

According to the press release, popular demand has led to the decision to extend this exhibition to Tues., 15 Jan.

excerpts from the press release:

In globalization nowadays, the IC technology is developing at breakneck pace, entailing so many things that immediately affect the quality of life and social order as well, thus driving people into tense rhythms of life, stuffy and stifling, and keeping them away from their natural environment. For this very reason, many urgent questions are posed to the artists of today. In comparison with their male counterparts, working in arts is quite a challenge to the fair sex. Besides their sacred mission as mothers that they cannot change, their household chores usually take up much of their time. Therefore, only those who nurture an immense love for arts, with a powerful will and an intense stuff, can come with real arts and keep themselves from falling into the swamp of commercialization.

Prompted by her conception that arts represent the zenith of manner and culture, and with an intense interest in interactions, sharing their questions of life and asserting their existence via artistic activities in the Vietnamese community, Mme. Nguyen Nga, the founder of the Maison des Arts, has got an initiative to organize an exhibition with the participation by 17 female artists all from Hanoi, who have asserted themselves and made their reputation with various awards for arts and via various exhibitions both national and international. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide an opportunity for local and foreign art-lovers to meet and engage in direct interactions with the authors and their works and form a general profile of the artworks by the Vietnamese female artists versus their regional and global counterparts. This is the first exhibition that could bring together the best artists of the capital city of Hanoi. In other words, the exhibition has provided an answer to the question: “Where are female artists of Vietnam? And what are they doing ?”

download the press-release.doc

Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi
Tel: 747 8096


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