01-07 Dec – fashion and photo – Update

Mosaique Livingroom
23 Ngo Van So, Hanoi



Victoria Roe (UK)
Adrian Buitenhuis (Canada)
Ngo Xuan Phu (Vietnam)

From the press release:

Lines and shapes dominate UK fashion designer Victoria Roe’s new collection — and while the art nouveau- and deco-influenced garments would undoubtably be snapped up by fashionistas worldwide, you won’t see them for sale. They’ve been created as art for art’s sake.
The exhibition, “contours”, features Ms Roe’s stylish designs in stunning images by photographers Adrian Buitenhuis (Canada) and Ngo Xuan Phu (Viet Nam).
The original clothing also features in installations found throughout Mosaique Livingroom’s two-level French villa, including garments captured and suspended in sheets of perspex and, in an opening night special, worn by Vietnamese models Nguyen Thi Minh Hau (Ha Vy) and Le Thanh Tu.
Shot at the Vietnam Circus Federation’s national arena in Hanoi, the photographs themselves present a return to the magic of the circus.
Ms Roe’s eye-catching contoured clothes dominate the frame, leaping out at the viewer from a range of locations of different context and light – from front-of-house to the training room, from the grandstand to a side nook used to store equipment.
Vietnamese model Ha Vy’s mannequin-like stature and presence is captivating, exuding strength in an almost-defiant, straight-down-the-barrel look she brings to the images.
Observing the origins of the three exhibiting artists – United Kingdom, Canada and Vietnam – it is easy to see how the show not only brings something fresh and innovative to Vietnam’s burgeoning fashion and art scene, but clearly signals an emerging internationalisation spurred on by the country’s rapid economic development.

Mosaique Livingroom describes itself as a ‘venue of Fashion shows, Exhibitions, Music Shows, Music Videos, Film Premiere Parties, Screenings, Filming and Photo shoots, Engages and Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, Product Launches and Corporate Dinner Events’.

23 Ngo Van So Street., Hanoi
Tel: (844)-8226458
Fax: (844)-8217233


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