30 Nov-01 Dec – Indiscretion

L’Espace – FCC
24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

Opening 30 Nov, 6 pm


Remember Sneaky Week?

Sneaky Week was public performance art in Hanoi, Hue and HCMC.
No doubt most people missed it. Performances were often at odd hours, and announcements went out by SMS only shortly before they occurred. But now there’s an easy way to see what we missed.
Indiscretion is the title of the 2-day event presenting documentation and discussion of the event.

Video and performance on Friday evening.
Meet and discuss with the artists all day Saturday.

Click on the image above for a larger version.

L’Espace – Centre Culturel Français de Hanoi
Ambassade de France au Vietnam
24, Trang Tien, Hanoi
Téléphone: (84-4) 9 36 21 64 (poste 511)
Télécopie: (84-4) 9 36 21 65

Were you at this event?

What did you think? Comment in the space below.

One Response to 30 Nov-01 Dec – Indiscretion

  1. […] was one of the young artists involved in “Sneaky Week” (more info here and here). Ryllega Gallery 1A Trang Tien St., Hanoi by appointment Tel: (84.4) 933 2878, (84)913 033 063 […]

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