20,22 Nov, 8 pm – German Electronic Music

Goethe-Institut Hanoi
56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi
Youth Theater
11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi

Two Shows, plus: open-air DJ night


German Electronic Music

Concerts with Adam Butler a.k.a. VERT
and Vietnamese Musicians

Electronic Music is a world of its own – comprising an amazing diversity of genres and trends. DJs, sound artists, musicians and initiators with various other creative backgrounds have developed an energetic interdisciplinary field, showing a dynamic variety and interplay of both local characters and global references.

Through the project Electronic Music in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, masters of electronic music from Germany and Vietnam will have the opportunity to explore a variety of local DJ and Club cultures.

Their exchange of musical ideas will surely produce some unheardof sounds and send their audiences into raptures.


1.) Adam Butler and Tri Minh

ab.jpg tm2.jpg

more info about the artists below

20.11.2007, 8 pm
Courtyard of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Free entrance

2.) As part of the European Music Festival (22.11. – 2.12.2007)

Adam Butler
and 3 Vietnamese Musicians
Ha Dinh Huy Percussion
Nguyen Thu Thuy 16-string instrument
Nguyen Anh Tuan (Kruise) DJ

22.11.2007, 8 pm
Youth Theater Hanoi

Free tickets available at Goethe-Institut Hanoi

The artists:

Adam Butler

adam-butler.jpg At the age of 6, Adam Butler started his musical career with his first piano lessons. At the age of 13 he swapped the piano for the electric guitar. At the age of 20, after a night taking acid he found himself outside the local music shop at the opening time, wanting to swap his guitar for a sampler. At the age of 24, ankle damage forced him to stop skateboarding, and he became Vert. His first release was a 12” of skewed drill and bass, Broken Breakbeat Bebop, on Bovinyl, a label started with Animals on Wheels and Milky Boy. This 12” somehow landed on the turntable of Jan St Werner from Mouse on Mars, who got in touch and asked Vert to contribute to their fledgling label Sonig. Over the next 5 years, he released 3 albums of intricate instrumental eclectronica, or “electronic jazz chamber music” as one reviewer described it, including The Köln Konzert, a sample-free bastardpoposation of the original jazz classic. Adam Butler has played extensively throughout Europe, and has toured Japan and the USA.www.adam-butler.com

Tri Minh

triminh.jpg At the beginning of 90’s, after graduating from Hanoi Conservatory of Music with Excellent in a Composing degree, Tri Minh, together with some other young musicians, started to play jazz music in various locations in Hanoi. After a period of improvising with jazz, Tri Minh started to explore his territory in electronic music.Starting in 1999, Tri Minh began to compose and perform as a solo artist in many locations and venues. With his rising popularity, Tri Minh has become established as the first truly electronic artist in Vietnam.A quote from an article printed in the local Time magazine: “With a boundless supply of energy and a pronounced lack of preciousness, Minh is pushing ahead with his plans, perhaps someday soon, this self-styled chameleon will develop a profile that is sufficiently visible to suit his talents”.In addition Tri Minh has, during recent years, become renowned as an avant-garde musician and sound artist merging electronic, electro sounds and programming with traditional Vietnamese music and lyrics in combination with modern installations and performances. He has collaborated with many international artists.www.myspace.com/triminh05

Goethe-Institut Hanoi
56-58 Nguyen-Thai-Hoc
Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel.: +84 4 7342251
Fax: +84 4 7342254

Youth Theater
11 Ngo Thi Nham


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