11, 12 Nov, 8pm – Experimental Dance from Japan

Something very special for anyone interested in contemporary experimental dance. Takayuki Fujimoto together with the dance troupe Monochrome Circus, will perform 2 pieces in Hanoi.

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Takayuki Fujimoto travels the world doing LED lighting for a variety of contemporay dance and theater pieces, sometimes with the famous Japanese group Dumb Type, of which he is a founding member, sometimes with the dance troupe Monochrome Circus. He also did the LED lighting for the most recent piece by well-known Hanoi/Paris choreographer Ea Sola. He and Monochrome Circus will perform on two evenings in Hanoi, each time at a different venue, each time doing a different piece.


This was written when they appeared in Prague about a year ago:

Refined Colors joins together two impressive personalities: Takayuki Fujimoto, member of the famous Dumb Type company, and Kosei Sakamoto, founder of the dance troupe Monochrome Circus. With their dancers they have created a multimedia dance performance combining modern technology and human motion. The performance utilizes new LED light technology which can produce 16.7 million variations of colour. Their medium examines shades, creates colourful impressions, and plays with light. Each performance is adapted to the specific culture and location of the show.

Two events, two venues, each a single performance. First “Refined Colors”, second “lost”.


Youth Theater
11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi

one night only!

11 Nov, 8 pm

Tickets at the door: 30.000đ – 40.000đ

From the Refined Colors website:

Refined Colors is a sequence of dances performed in settings defined by light.

Using the latest digital LED lighting equipment, the Project furthermore explores new possibilities in mobility for staging dance.

Dance is eminently more flexible than other performing arts, making it possible to stage works from only three components: body, space and light. In this Project, these elements will be kept to a bare minimum for easy transport and simple set up, while yet maintaining a high degree of precise computer control and functional adaptability.

Also incorporated into the dance movements is the concept of “contact improvisation,” a technique/style from the West as yet barely known on the contemporary Asian dance scene.

Refined Colors is an experimental dance performance with a new perspective. While involving a small team of dancers and technicians (5 persons at most) carrying only a minimum of equipment they can transport themselves, the Project hopes to have great impact, showing how today’s digital technology can be used as an accessible personal creative tool readily adaptable to local creative needs.



Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra
226 Cau Giay Hanoi

one night only!

12 Nov, 8 pm

Free admission
but you need to show your invitation at the door.

Where to get an invitation?
Contact VNSO or the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi (contact info below).

This from a review of a 2005 performance of a different piece in New York City:

Monochrome Circus draws its choreographic style from Contact Improvisation, an American dance form based on partners sharing weight, momentum and the impulses of both body and mind. This Kyoto-based trio — two men and one lithe lady — seem to have mastered it, most spectacularly in a weaving, pulsating dance for two men, joined hand to hand, that combined the fluidity of the lindy hop with the impact of a judo match. Another eye-catching move was a two-person roll on a carpet spread all the way across the stage. Man and woman rolled back to back, then belly to belly, like gears meshing in a transmission, so the top partner never touched the floor.

Youth Theater
11 Ngo Thi Nham

Dàn Nhạc Giao hưởng Việt Nam
226 Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
Tel: 04-8337847
dnghvn@hn.vnn.vn (dnghvn@yahoo.com.vn)

Embassy of Japan
27 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh district, Ha Noi
Tel: 84-4-846-3000
Fax: 84-4-846-3043


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