31 Oct – Hope Box Event / Music Jam 8-11pm

Hope Box Ice Cream Event in Hanoi
Art Vietnam Gallery
7 Nguyen Khac Nhu



This year a Hope Box Ice Cream Event will be initiated in Hanoi.

The Hope Box Ice Cream Event is a travelling interactive exhibition with heaven-art and workshops conducted by Hope Box Angels (artists) from Vietnam, the Netherlands, Croatia and Serbia.
The ‘backdrop’ of the event is called Piece for Peace. Piece for Peace is a world-wide trace of art and music pieces.

Art Vietnam will host the exhibition of Hope Box Heaven-art from October 31st to November 6th.

During Hallowe’en, October 31st, Art Vietnam will present the Hope Box ‘I Scream’ Event with a breath-taking music and art jam, and the making of a Kite of Fright.

Art Vietnam Gallery writes:

Hope Box is an art program initiated by Rienke Enghardt. Vietnamese artists and art organizations have been participating in the Hope Box projects since 1993. This year Hope Box will bring to Hanoi two vocalists from the Netherlands to perform with Hanoian musians and artists.

Please come and join us in this great evening for art, music and friendship.

Best wishes to all of you and keep shining!

Music and bar by CAMA.

After the event in Art Vietnam the Hope Box Angels will initiate special workshops in several places in Hanoi.

Map to Art Vietnam:



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