14 Oct – “Living Fossils” closes

Viet Art Center
42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi

Vuong Van Thao
Living Fossils

From the artist’s statement:

With each street in the 36 streets of the Old Quarter, I chose a house which has specific traits from traditional Vietnamese culture and of the 36 streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. 36 houses will be presented to represent the 36 streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

The exhibition opened on 04 Oct and features small models of houses cast in blocks of plexiglass, almost like they were encased in amber.
This artist was part of an exhibition curated by Natalia Kraevskaia of Salon Natasha and shown in the Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi last year.
The exhibition, organised by Suffusive Gallery in Hanoi, is being shown in the Viet Art Center, which is part of the Hanoi College of Fine Arts.

Suffusive Art Gallery
#2B, Bao Khanh Lane
Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 (4) 828-8359


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